Quick update on Pollan event

The event last night in Vacaville with Michael Pollan went really well, I think. About 300 people showed up. I was able to ask most of my questions, many of yours, and quite a few of the audience’s. Most importantly, I didn’t trip, fall out of my chair, or spill my (ahem, bottled) water on the microphone…and I actually had a blast. I hope that came through despite my nervousness. We did record the event; I plan to figure out how to turn it into the Ethicurean’s first-ever podcast.  I will also be having the interview transcribed to post here, as Pollan discussed quite a few things I haven’t heard him talk about much  elsewhere, such as what he thinks about genetically modified food.

At the book-signing afterward, Ethicurean contributor Amanda Rose presented Pollan (left) with two prints of her son Frederick’s "Pollan paintings," which we have been running here. He seemed to find them pretty hysterical, and said he would be displaying them proudly in his office.

The evening was capped off with a late dinner at my friends Alexis and Eric Koefoed’s house. Alexis, aka the "chicken lady," owns Soul Food Farm in Vacaville, which supplies pastured chicken and eggs to Chez Panisse, among others. Turns out she is a pretty amazing cook herself—everything was delicious. Pollan, who had to get up early the next morning and so declined the dinner invite, missed a real feast.

Photos by Bart Nagel.


7 Responsesto “Quick update on Pollan event”

  1. Greg says:

    Last night was great. You did a fantastic job.

  2. Bonnie P. says:

    Thanks Greg! you are too kind. Wish you’d come and introduced yourself — I was hoping to meet some Ethicurean readers, but nobody said hello. :(

  3. Eric says:

    Is Pollan touring to promote his book? Do you know where I should look to see if he’s speaking in a city near me?

  4. Tammy says:

    Looking forward to the podcast/transcription. Glad it went well. I would have peed my pants up there, for sure.

  5. Ali B. says:

    jealous? I am. And look how fabulous you look!

  6. Kat and Anna says:

    How exciting!
    Can’t wait to see your podcast.
    I am looking forward to reading his book “in defense of food” on my Mexico vacation!