Pollan painting #3: Sequoia National Pork

The latest in a series of interpretive paintings done by 5-year-old Frederick, inspired by his mother’s reading "The Omnivore’s Dilemma" and summarizing it for him. (See #1, Children of the corn and #2: Chicken Little at Magic Mountain.)

Michael Pollan’s chapter about boar hunting reminded some of the people in this house of my own hunting training.

“Do you know the barrel end of a gun?” I’ve been asked.

“Hey watch your mouth! I’m real good with that BB gun!”

Frederick has seen the effects of wild boars, which wreak havoc on the lawn at the local elementary school, but he has yet to see one in person. On our recent "Pollan painting" weekend here in the Sequoia National Forest, he imagined wild boars cute and pink.

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    Congratulations on a fabulous site! (I just sent this link to my niece who follows a Raw diet. She is going to love you!)