And the winner of our caption contest is…

What a rip off. The ennui I get at the grocery store only costs 25 cents a dozen.
—Jeff Donald, Exeter, NH

Congratulations to Jeff, whose entry in our first-ever caption contest was the clear winner amongst the Ethicurean judges. (We ranked our five favorites and then added up how many points each got.) Tying for runner-up were "Used to be just a dime a dozen," by Sol, and "At least we can get one thing cheaper without outsourcing," from Cookiejill.

Jeff, who can be found at Seacoast Eat Local, will receive the Ethicurean t-shirt of his choice — just as soon as they are finished being designed. He’s also supposed to get a subscription to an Edible magazine; however, he says that he has heard "rumors that an Edible White Mountains was being started, but I don’t know when." Do any readers?

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2 Responsesto “And the winner of our caption contest is…”

  1. cookiejill says:


    I thought the White Mountain Edible was coming out this Spring.

  2. sean says:

    Too late! Here’s my entry: I wouldn’t care to pay more than 40 cents per dozen.