Digest – Blogs: Biotech & veggie protectionism, revenge of spent cows

Magi-non! line: Biotech seed producers are sick of France’s pesky anti-GMO firebugs, so they’re moving to friendlier climes in the Midwest and Brazil. The only problem with Andrew Leonard’s funny headline — "Give us your poor, your tired, your genetic modification experiments" — is there’s no evidence America wants the first two. (Salon How the World Works)

starFood pyramid scheme: Responding to farmer Jack Hedin’s cogent NYT op-ed last week, Dan Owens goes to town on a "classic flaw in market economies" — why, when a firm or industry [like the fruit and vegetable industry] reaches a certain size, it tries to prevent competition instead of furthering innovation. (Blog for Rural America)

starAnother reason to hate rBST: Forget Downergate’s mad-cow implications for a moment, and learn about the routine horror of the modern milk operation as Kat presents three standard factory-farm practices that cause dairy cows to stumble. (Eating Liberally)

starRevenge of the spent dairy cows: …just might be Crohn’s Disease in humans, according to this smart and well-researched post on the new, Ethicurean-friendly blog Eat Drink Better.

Where does he find the time?: E. coli lawyer Bill Marler gets wonky on the economics of using non-ambulatory cows (aka downers) for food. (Marler Blog)

Sticker for details: Artist Barry Snyder upcycles produce stickers to make 4-foot-square mosaics. (Emerald City, LAT blog)

Fatheaded: The first line of Tara Parker-Pope’s review of the book “Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?" is a piece of conventional wisdom we’d like to see examined in a dissertation. "Most of us try to slim down our bodies," she says. When you can assume more than half of the people of the wealthiest nation in the world want to be skinnier, you know there’s a problem with the Western Diet. (NYT Well)

Eat your weeds! says Ed (The Slow Cook)


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  1. Andy2 says:

    I like that article on the difficulties of small farmers growing more fruit and vegetables. It raises some good questions about the industry and effects of government intervention.

  2. ExPat Chef says:

    Thanks for the EDB link!