Be a “responsible masticator”: “Keep on Shoppin’ in a (Label) Free World”!

Eco-Farm n00bs Tom and I weren’t sure what to expect from the January conference’s talent show, but we knew we’d be entertained one way or another. However, instead of the quavery folk songs this city snob was anticipating — OK, there were one or two of those, along with the requisite heartfelt "Dance for Mother Earth" — there were stirring original songs and raps, skilled guitar and bongo playing, a "Tosca" aria, witty monologues, and even a hilarious cabaret act with two gay farmer boys.

Frankly, the whole show was awesome. I was blown away, and I didn’t envy the two judges who had to choose based on the applause levels. The winner was Matthew Nolan of the Hayward Nutritional Learning Community Project, who led the audience in a side-splitting rendition of "The Worm Song."

I particularly loved the talent show’s first act: "Keep on Shoppin’ in a Label-Free World" — a SOLE food-centric twist on the the Neil Young song that was written and performed by Dan Sullivan, a senior editor at the Rodale Institute’s (That’s him with the didgeridoo player who accompanied him for the talent show.) Well, Dan has just emailed me that he, his kids, and their friends have recorded a "multigenerational protest video" and posted it on YouTube here; Dan’s also also done an acoustic version for YouTube in which the lyrics are easier to make out. Here they are so you can follow along:

Shoppin’ in a (Label) Free World
© Dan (El Kabong) Sullivan

There’s cloned meat on the streets
And GMOs, too
People don’t know what to eat
It’s not even food

There’s no warnin’ signs
On our veggies and bread
Tellin’ us what’s in ‘em
Or that they’re dead

I don’t feel like a guinea pig
But I am to them
I’m not a walking laboratory
I’m a man

Keep on shoppin’ in the label-free world
Keep on shoppin’ in the label-free world
Keep on shoppin’ in the label-free world
Keep on shoppin’ in the label-free world

There’s a girl in the night
With a pamphlet in her hand
Now she’s tellin’ me
How I can take a stand

Eat organic food
Don’t be a fool
Become a localvore,
‘Cause farmers are cool

When I spend my money
I can vote with it
‘Cause I don’t have to
Eat that sh…Sugarpops are bad for you, kids!


We got a million nasty products
Made with Frankencorn
Just say no to Monsanto
And grow your own

Shop at farmer’s markets
Tell Wal-Mart “See ya later”
Be a responsible

We’re a family at a feast
We can keep hope alive
By bein’ mindful what we eat
You gotta think before you buy



One Responseto “Be a “responsible masticator”: “Keep on Shoppin’ in a (Label) Free World”!”

  1. Dan says:

    Wow, DQ, thanks for the props and the plug. That is actually a Native American flute my friend Al (a farmer from Santa Barbara) is playing with me up on stage at Ecofarm and not a didge. Good vibes all around. I would love a copy of that photo. Dan