“Good Morning America” — you’re being cornified!

Thanks to reader Henry for alerting us to the recent appearance of "King Corn" filmmakers Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney on "Good Morning America" with Diane Sawyer. The 5-minute segment was a good summary of the movie’s major points, particularly corn’s role in American obesity, and also included some facts sure to open a few eyes: the single Iowa acre of corn grown by the guys could yield 57,348 cans of soda or 3,894 corn-fed hamburgers or 2,301 pounds of bacon. Sawyer even had her hair tested to find out how much corn was in her diet — and it was a lot more than she expected.

As evidence of just how powerful the corn lobby is in this country, ABC feels the need to run a rebuttal from the National Corn Growers Association on its Web page for this episode, complete with this snarky closer: "Finally, it is ironic that a movie that claims subsidies have distorted farmers’ planting decisions and consumers’ eating habits is itself a production funded by a government subsidy." Ouch — seems like this little independent film hurt some feelings. ABC.com also posts a statement from the Corn Refiners Association, with a link to its entertainingly boosterish high-fructose corn syrup defense site, HFCSfacts.com.

If you haven’t seen the film, it’s still playing in theaters around the country, or you can order it on DVD: kingcorn.net. Now, if only Oprah would book the guys on her show…

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One Responseto ““Good Morning America” — you’re being cornified!”

  1. MLO says:

    Those of us who are allergic to corn are thrilled that this movie was made. I lives are literally endangered by the power of the corn lobby.