Digest – Blogs: Farmers as serfs, re-naturalized landscapes, Logsdon on carnivorism

star"Kill your buddy": A guest post uses Pilgrim’s Pride poultry operations in North Carolina to explain what a clustercluck our supposedly free-market meat industry is. "Like all integrators, Pilgrim’s Pride determines the cost of the farmer’s investment, and therefore debt, determines the cost of the inputs and the price paid at the end. The company controls the farmer’s income completely.…many farmers will have to subsidize the production of poultry for the companies or face losing their homes." (Blog for Rural America)

Unpave paradise, and take out the parking lot?: NYT blogger (and Dwell founder) Allison Arieff suggests the trend back toward farmland and animal-friendly habitats is here to stay and accelerating, too. Cool photos. (NYT Blogs)

The last supper…but not for us: "Contrary Farmer" Gene Logsdon ruminates on meat eating and the necessity of growing both plants and animals for a healthy farm. Memorable line: "Many people no longer understand that nature is a magnificent banquet table around which sit all forms of life killing and eating each other." (Organic to Be)

Some say illegals, we say essentials: The Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles has an exhibit exploring the lives of migrant workers, through which author and photographer Rick Nahmias reveals the work, culture, family and other facets of some of the people who feed us all. (Slow Food L.A.)


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    Ack–got confused by your “recaptcha” system. Sorry about the triple (!) comments. BTW–I don’t mind the long Digests–I love them! Also incredibly jealous of the asparagus and lemons…