Digest – Commentary: Fixing the eco*nomy, the whack-a-mole Averys

starTom Philpott for President!: …cuz that's the *only* way we're ever going to see any of these far-too-sensible policies about biofuels, grain reserves, and local-food production infrastructure enacted. (Grist)

Eat a Whopper, save the planet!: Another reporter has been suckered in by the same tired old bullshit "study" from the father-son team Dennis and Alex Avery, claiming conventional beef production is "better for the environment" than grass-fed. We debunked this one in a December Digest; Tom has some fun with it Meat Wagon for Gristmill.

Oxymoronic headline of the month: "Americans rapidly increasing green consumption." (Meatpoultry.com)

Orwellian Alabama: A lawyer protests Senate Bill 368 in Alabama, misleadingly called the "Family Farm Preservation Act," which he says would welcome hog confinement operations to the state by making them immune to nuisance lawsuits. (Huntsville Times)

2 Responsesto “Digest – Commentary: Fixing the eco*nomy, the whack-a-mole Averys”

  1. Tom Philpott says:

    Sure, Bonnie--when do I start? Got a lotta work to do. Want to run the USDA? Seriously, I don't care how you do the Digests, just keep them coming. Great work.

  2. Bonnie P. says:

    Tom: Actually I would prefer you create a special office for me, encompassing the USDA, the food part of the FDA, and the food-stamp and school-lunch programs. I think "Czarina of Food Security" has a nice ring to it. Who will you choose as your running mate? Stephen Colbert is available, I hear.