Take a bite out of this!

There hasn’t been nearly enough fun around here lately. Our last attempt at making you smile — despite Farm Bill delays, Monsanto victories, the co-option of the EPA, and tragic transgenic pigs — caused quite a brawl in the comments section. (22 and counting!)

So, it’s Friday. Start the weekend off right with this beguiling little BoingBoingTV segment about the "fast, the furious, and the well-iced" world of electric cupcake-shaped cars. If the husky ’70s-style voiceover of friend o’Ethicurean Xeni Jardin, aka Lady Buttercream, chanting about "trans fats running free" doesn’t make you smile, well…go eat an actual cupcake and cheer the hell up.


One Responseto “Take a bite out of this!”

  1. Becks says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I love the cupcake people. I met them when they were working on the cupcakes a few years ago and love to see them riding around the desert at Burning Man every year.

    They’ve also made some incredible art that’s not food related – a pair of bunny slipper electric vehicles and an animated kangaroo el wire piece that looks amazing from afar in the dark.