Please welcome Ali, and check out the Ethicurean on Facebook

We’re very pleased to announce that guest contributor Ali Benjamin has accepted our invitation to don an Ethicurean apron. Ali’s a busy bee on the Internets, writing her own blog, The Cleaner Plate Club, as well as contributing to Eat. Drink. Better. She’s a freelance writer and mom in Vermont; for more, check out her Ethicurean bio.

In the upcoming weeks, we’re hoping to bring you guest posts from Washington, DC; Michigan; and Boston. If you live in the South or Southwest and are interested in contributing, please drop me a line to dairyqueen AT, telling me where you live, what and why you’d like to write for us, and a links to a couple of writing samples.

Other Ethicurean news

Thanks to the suggestion of our reader Isa, I’ve created a Facebook page for the Ethicurean. If you use Facebook, please consider becoming a "fan" of ours. Although I’m a little addicted to Facebook myself, playing Scrabulous with long-lost high-school friends and far-away cousins when I should be working, I’m not sure exactly how having a Facebook presence will help the blog. Maybe it will bring us more readers from your networks and inspire advertisers to fling bags of pennies at us. Anyway, we’d appreciate any fanning you want to waft our way, adulatory Wall posts, etc.

When we started the Ethicurean, there weren’t that many food-politics blogs out there. Now there are tons of great ones. We’ve finally given a long-awaited overhaul to our blog roll, over on the righthand column — check out the new list of "Daily reads" for the ones we never miss, and the dropdowns for more link love. And if you think we should be reading and linking to yours or another blog, send suggestions to tips [at] We’ll do our best to peruse them promptly.


6 Responsesto “Please welcome Ali, and check out the Ethicurean on Facebook”

  1. MamaBird says:

    That’s great – I love Ali’s post on Disney *and* the Cleaner Plate Club! Not a facebooker but will continue to read here. ;)

  2. Lauren says:

    Bonnie, you’ve read my mind… I tried searching for you guys on Facebook not long ago. I’m excited to know the blog has a presence there now (you might be surprised at what an effect it has; things seem to catch like wildfire on that site). I’m also excited to know that you might be as addicted to Scrabulous as I am. I’m up for a game anytime!

  3. Ed Bruske says:

    Who from DC? Who? I am on pins and needles here

  4. MamaBird says:

    LOL, I was sure it would be Ed Bruske ;)

  5. Bonnie P. says:

    Lauren: Friend me (Bonnie Powell) and let’s play!
    Ed: Her name is Emily H., she’s a writer and a recent transplant to DC from Georgia; she comments a lot here. And you know that I’d still love to feature anything you wanted to toss our way.

  6. guy h. k. says:

    how about a facebook representation for the greenhorns project?