Oh, the sadness

There will be no set of Digests for Thursday morning as hoped because I just accidentally deleted it. If I can face reconstructing it, maybe Saturday.

And yes this is the real time.

6 Responsesto “Oh, the sadness”

  1. kitchenMage says:

    That's okay, Bonnie. We'll rank on the not-really-so-pure-whipped-cream while you mounr.

  2. kitchenMage says:

    mounr? should be mourn (see, we are all upset)

  3. Ali says:

    I hear ya'. Because I just lost 2 hours worth of links myself. Must. Remember. To Click. Save...

  4. Ed Bruske says:

    ow, I hear your heart skipping a beat

  5. Leslie says:

    Oh no!!! I've been dying for a cow-human cross embryo pun!