Coming out of hibernation

Finally, after 3 months of blizzards, winter seems to be showing signs of weakness in Montreal. I’m sure this doesn’t mean that winter is over, even though spring officially began over two weeks ago, but still, today the sun was shining and the snow was melting, and people were out on the streets, chatting.

This also reminded me to plant my tomato seeds, which I did. They are sitting on my kitchen table, waiting patiently for me to build them their little shelves across our living-room windowsill so they can sit comfortably in the sun, where they will grow until late May or early June. At that point, I will transplant them to my community garden plot.

I spent this winter in a state of hibernation, so I only ventured outdoors when absolutely necessary and I even refrained from blogging. Every now and then, I’d think to myself, "oh, this would make a great Ethicurean post", but then I’d eat the beautiful meal I’d prepared from my pantry or freezer, having forgotten to take a photo.

I fermented my own sauerkraut and made ‘choucroute garnie’ that was out-of-this-world good, using pork from the quarter pig I’d bought from my CSA. I defrosted containers of borscht, apple cider squash soup, potato sorrel soup, turkey pot pies, and many other treats that were in my freezer. We had taco nights, using th salsa that I’d made from our large tomato bounty of the summer. As much as I enjoyed these meals, they sadly never made their way to this website. Now that spring seems to be crowning, I have a feeling that I may rejoin the ranks of my fellow active Ethicureans.

Unless we get another snowstorm, which will send me huddled into a corner, rocking back and forth . . .waiting . . .

One Responseto “Coming out of hibernation”

  1. Emily H. says:

    Shame on you for letting that choucroute garni go unphotographed.
    Actually, much as I would have loved to see a photo, I can never be bothered to photo anything before eating. We’re little piggies around here.
    Funny you mention it still feeling a bit wintry even though spring technically debuted several weeks ago; here in D.C. I’m already swearing at the weather for skipping over spring and running straight into summer.