Dietitians, they like us

Foodfit Top Blog AwardWe've just been notified that the Ethicurean has been named one of Ellen Haas's Top 10 Healthy Food Blogs, a list that the FoodFit founder — and former undersecretary of agriculture for Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services — compiled in honor of National Public Health Week. I confess I'd never heard of her, FoodFit, or NPH Week, but hey, it's nice to be in the top 10 anything, particularly when the company includes our buddies Sam Fromartz at Chews Wise, Bruce Cole at Edible Nation, Ed Bruske at The Slow Cook, and occasional Ethicurean contributor Rachel Cole at Mighty Foods. I look forward to checking out the other, unfamiliar winners — as well as FoodFit, where Haas has an interesting take on Michael Pollan's new book, "In Defense of Food," in which she sticks up for nutrition science versus his much maligned "nutritionism." I sense she's still not ready to proclaim "Fat is back!" Perhaps she overlooked our eternally popular lard post.

We were also recently dubbed a Top Food and Nutrition Blog by, which calls itself "the largest online nutrition network run by Registered Dietitians" and says it has more than 450,000 monthly readers. (At least one of them bothered to find and fan us on Facebook as a result, so... cool.) Editor Gloria Tsang called us "very informative — you will learn everything from food policies and safety alerts, to finding local farm markets and even food humor!"

Since we don't even have a category for nutrition, considering it more of a byproduct of SOLE food eating than a goal unto itself, we're chuffed to have made the cut.

4 Responsesto “Dietitians, they like us”

  1. Ed Bruske says:

    Bonnie, reading Ethicurean always makes me feel healthier

  2. Judy says:

    You guys ROCK!

  3. Sophie says:

    I'm another nutritionist ethicurean fan!
    It's a slightly odd situation in the UK when it comes to ethicurean issues and nutrition professionals.  Half think we should stick to what we know and keep our nose out of this area, while the other half (like me) think that it is very much our business and that we have a useful contribution to make.  The way I see it is this area is a natural extension nutrition;  making sure that people still have the skills and knowledge to follow a balanced diet whatever their beliefs/financial constraints/ethical eating practices etc.  At the extreme end of the scale nutritionists are the people with experience in helping to make best use of scarces resources to keep as many people healthy as possible, something it sadly seems is likely to come in more and more useful.
    You have a fantastic site; my only suggestion to make it even more fantastic would be if you could  have a bit more of an international outlook

  4. Bonnie P. says:

    Hi Sophie: Thanks for the insight into the nutritionists' world. And I couldn't agree more with you about having a more international outlook  We'd love to feature the voices of Ethicurean minded folks in the UK and elsewhere! wanna guest post?