Digest – Blogs: DC compost, OJ explored, Lappe tries to save the small planet

The Washington (com)post: Ed goes on the hunt for the District of Columbia's rumored compost pile, and finds it in the oddest setting. (The Slow Cook)

Which OJ is more PC?: An Ethicureanish examination of the eco impact of one blogger's favorite citrus drink. (Food Mapping)

What would Lisa eat?: We were going to point to activist/author Anna Lappé's newish blog, Takeabite.cc, and brand-new campaign Take A Bite Out Of Climate Change, about choosing solar-powered food, but Kerry Trueman has done it so much more entertainingly over at Huffington Post.

Pop quiz for organic farmers: Not that one should bring suspicion along with one's cloth bags for the farmers market, but it's interesting to read this list of questions to ask if you want to know whether your favorite vendor is really organic, or just telling buyers what they want to hear. (Organic to Be)

What, no "The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and her Lover"?: FoE Leslie Hatfield names her favorite food films — all documentaries, including some we haven't heard of. (MediaRights)

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  1. Coffee is generally allowed when I read about "Buy Local(ly)". I'm not a coffee drinker so can I have OJ instead? :) As much as I can afford I suppose! :)