Digest – Features: Pollan preaches it, NYT Mag’s Eat Green, Londoners growing food

In the New York Times Magazine’s Green issue:

starAsk not what your planet can do for you: Yeah yeah, we’re huge Michael Pollan fans, but this really is one of his most inspiring essays ever. Thankfully, protestations to the contrary, Pollan doesn’t seem to be quite ready to step down from the food movement’s biggest bully pulpit just yet. Titled “Why Bother?” it tackles the sense of hopelessness and despair we all feel when facing the magnitude of climate change, and stands up for the idea of “personal virtue” as the first building block of a process of viral social change. Oh yeah, and he says to plant a garden. Read the essay to find out why. Related: The “Soldiers of the Soil” are back, in last week’s NYT paean to kitchen gardening.

What a Sopranos goomah wears?: The Eat section, devoted to how dietary agricultural practices can help fight climate change, features synopses on paper vs. plastic bags, the eternal food-miles question, and “mob stocking,” a form of intense rotational livestock grazing that claims to sequester carbon and increase topsoil.” Our new blog crush, the Faceless Bureaucrat, calls the mob-stalking claims the “most ridiculous line I read today.”

Bass impulses: Farmed branzino, or wild sea bass?

Urban microfarmers: Food Up Front in London helps city dwellers to grow their own vegetables wherever they can. For just £20, each participant gets a starter pack of growing containers, locally-produced organic compost, a selection of seeds, and a basic planting and harvesting guide. (The Independent)

Milking the cityfolk: Joel Salatin charges a thousand bucks for a personal guided tour of Polyface Farm. Does Michael Pollan get a cut? (USA Today)

We’ve got a “reality check” for you, lunch lady: Iowa City parents are pushing for organic school lunches and the director of food services for the Iowa City school district is outraged. (The Des Moines Register)

The 100-Mile Knitters Club: A new sheep farmer hits on the idea of selling shares in her season’s wool. (Wall Street Journal)

Weeding for the needy: At this Virginia farm, volunteers plant crops to supply more than 430 food banks in nine cities and 25 counties. (Washington Post; via The Food Times)

A dollar a day: Michigan resident Maria Gajewski has scaled back her food budget this month to $30 to call attention to the hardship of eating nutritiously on a limited budget. She’ll be foraging for edible plants, working on the family farm for payment in eggs and eating lots of brown rice and lentils. And blogging it, of course. (mLive.com; thanks Stephanie!)

Is it safe to eat pork brains? Yes, just don’t inhale them (Slate)

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my $30 for 30 days project. I’m on Day 12 right now and I’ve definitely eaten a lot of rice, lentils and dandelions, but I’m doing well.