Postcard from Phoenix: Only in America

The husband and I are in Scottsdale, AZ, visiting his family for a few days before the W.K. Kellogg Food and Society Conference starts in nearby Chandler. (See last year’s recap.) The Ethicurean’s Elanor is going too; we’re excited to hang out with our buddies Tom Philpott and Sam Fromartz, among the many food-movement people who’ll be there, and we’ll be hopefully doing a lot of blogging this week.

Bart and I needed some things and went to Scottsdale Fashion Square mall, which as usual made me feel like Laura Ingalls coming to “town” for supplies. All I was missing was the gingham bonnet. I mean, Berkeley is a city and all, but we don’t have many big-box stores, let alone malls — they don’t let me across the bridge into San Francisco often — and none on this gargantuan scale. Fashion Square feels as big as a space station. And just as I imagine I would be in zero gravity, I felt slightly nauseated by all the things. truth is, I only like shopping for food. We lasted less than two hours and succeeded only in buying new running shoes for me

On the way out we passed a kiosk devoted entirely to Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet (TM), “which controls your hunger so you can stick to your diet!” (TM).

The website says: “Are Dr. Siegal’s cookies delicious? Are they magical? Do they perform miracles? No. They taste good but we wouldn’t call them delicious. Delicious cookies make people fat. As for magic and miracles… well… you probably know the answer.”

Egad. To me the Cookie Diet just about sums up America’s neurotic, dysfunctional relationship with food. Thankfully, only two more days until Kellogg’s “Gathering for Good Food.”

3 Responsesto “Postcard from Phoenix: Only in America”

  1. tasterspoon says:

    That’s hilarious.  “We wouldn’t call them delicious.”  Controlling your overeating by buying food you won’t like – ingenious!  Hmm, I wonder if I could do that for cheaper.

    Are you familiar with the product Alli?  If you eat too much fat, you poop your pants.  That’s what it’s supposed to do, that’s how it ‘works.’  So you avoid fatty food simply in order to avoid pooping your pants.  *Sigh.*

  2. Charlotte says:

    Yeah, and in Haiti they’re eating cookies made from dirt because there’s no food. Insane.

  3. Helen says:

    Oh my goodness, that is truly shocking and disgusting! I can’t believe it.