Happy belated second birthday to us

Friday, May 9, was the second anniversary of the first post on the Ethicurean … and we forgot to celebrate. It’s always slightly cringe-inducing to look back at the humble beginnings of something (Exhibit A: our original badly Photoshopped pig), but I am proud of what we’ve created here: a network of intelligent, passionate writers, readers, and commenters who believe not only that food is more than fuel, but that good food depends on healthy soils, fair labor practices, ethical animal treatment, and strong local communities — and policies that nourish all those roots.

The five people who started this blog with me are still chewing the right thing, just too busy writing novels and raising babies to blog about it, darn them. But in the past year, my cohorts Marc, Elanor, Janet, Charlotte, Jennifer, Peter, Jenni, Amanda, and Ali have come aboard, and they along with many guest contributors are the lifeblood of the Ethicurean — they inspire and educate me with every post, as I hope they do you, too.

Mainly we want to thank Ethicurean readers old and new for continuing to visit us. Your comments, and the debates that sometimes break out in the comments section, are why we do this. (It’s certainly not the money — 1,343 posts and counting, and we have yet to earn a dime :-), but I am not complaining.) You’re really a thoughtful, uncommonly courteous, and diverse bunch, ranging from organic (and a few conventional) farmers to policy wonks, nutritionists, students, eco-moms, and just plain fed-up eaters. We love hearing what you think, and being challenged by you.

Thank you all for eating like you give a damn.

2 Responsesto “Happy belated second birthday to us”

  1. Becks says:

    Happy late birthday! Thanks for continuing to provide the best (and often most entertaining) information and analysis on food issues.

  2. Leah Koenig says:

    Very happy birthday!  I *like* your badly photoshopped pig. :)