Jumping off the deep end: An immersion in seafood

I’m at the Sustainable Foods Institute portion of the Cooking for Solutions 2008 conference being held at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Today is a nonstop schedule of panel discussions on demand for shrimp, salmon, and tuna; wine going “green”; climate change and agriculture; the future of food; and boatloads more. My brain is already full and it’s only 11 am. If they ever give us a break (and I find a power outlet), I hope to blog about a couple of the sessions and interesting conversations I’ve had.

In the meantime, you can sample some of seafood’s sticking points in the current Edible San Francisco, our Fish Issue. It has:

  • Eating by the Numbers, factoids about wild and farmed fisheries put together by the Ethicurean’s own Marc Rumminger. A sample: What’s farmed salmon’s share of U.S. fresh and frozen salmon consumption for 2000-2004? 78%
  • The Abalone Rangers, by Marcia Gagliardi (aka the Tablehopper), which showcases one of the few sustainable aquaculture industries out there
  • Blue Finale, ESF Editor Bruce Cole’s elegy for his favorite fish

There’s also an illuminating excerpt on tuna (the good and the bad) from “Fish Forever,” the award-winning book by Paul Johnson, chef and owner of the Monterey Fish Market — who’s here as a panelist — but that one’s not online. All the more reason to subscribe! Those in the Bay Area can look for it on stands; there may be a few left.

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