To my surprise, I support Rachael Ray, the toroid terrorist

I’ve long had mixed feelings about Rachael Ray, the TV “chef” lately known as “the face of terrorism.” I used to enjoy her travel shows, although I disagreed with her lack of tipping and some of her food choices in Seattle. I dislike her emphasis on prepared foods, but I respect her attempts to make cooking easier for a generation that has grown up without any cooking knowledge. The media seems to enjoy picking on her, as the media does: criticizing the way she looks (small breasts! too fat! too grating!) rather than discussing her food.

I almost missed the news that Ray is under fire for wearing a black-and-white checkered scarf, known in some regions as a keffiyeh and in other regions as a checkered scarf.

(Copyfree image via WikiPedia)

The controversy was cooked up by a right-wing blogger, who accused Ray of expressing solidarity with terrorists by wearing a checkered scarf — I mean keffiyeh — no, wait, I really mean checkered scarf. How did Ray compound the purported crime? By wearing the scarf for a donut commercial.

I don’t support her corporate sponsor, Dunkin’ Donuts, who quickly dropped the commercials. I’m sorry, Dunkin’, I’ll never get doned with you again.

If you, too, missed the news, then The Young Turks explain all that is wrong with this contrived controversy. Business Week points out that the scarf was paisley, not checkered after all.

I disagree with Ray’s cooking methods. I never bothered to read the one cookbook of hers that I bought, about cooking for just two. But I’m all too familiar with the history of show trials, in the Soviet Union and in my own country, not to oppose the scapegoating and reactionary political correctness inherent in the attacks against her.

My only regret is that it may take up to two weeks, before Zippy the Pinhead embraces the absurdity of the situation.

As the Young Turks say, there are plenty of places to get your donuts.

2 Responsesto “To my surprise, I support Rachael Ray, the toroid terrorist”

  1. Alyssa says:

    I connected donuts and terrorism long ago, I just needed the Rachel Ray to link them together and now I have it. Muahaha. Either way though, it is true, Rachel Ray is hiding Osama Bin Laden:

  2. Weatherwax says:

    Obviously, donuts are a deep, insidious plot to clog American arteries and throw everyone into coronary arrest.  Eek.