Snacks for the ears: Podcasts with authors Frederick Kaufman, Paul Roberts, Taras Grescoe, and more

Photo of headphones from Afroswede\'s flickr collectionCatching up on podcasts this weekend, I listened to several that might interest Ethicurean readers.

The May 26th edition of the Patt Morrison show on KPCC, out of Pasadena, CA, included an interview with Frederick Kaufman, author of "A Short History of the American Stomach." Kaufman's book — which I have not read, but now want to — tells some disturbing tales about the Puritans' attitudes toward food (they were big into vomiting), "fat parades" in 19th-century New York City involving floats with animal slaughters, and other ways that America's history has shaped (or twisted and warped) how and what we eat today. Stream here or download from iTunes.

Are we approaching a food cataclysm? Paul Roberts points to some ominous signs that we might be in his new book, "The End of Food." Roberts visits On Point (WBUR, Boston) to chat with host Tom Ashbrook and some listeners. Ashbrook also talks with Keith Agoda, founder and president of Sky Vegetables, about his venture to install hydroponic farms on the rooftops of buildings, especially supermarkets. The program can be streamed at On Point Radio or downloaded through iTunes.

Good Food on KCRW out of Santa Monica, CA, had a stellar episode May 31. Host Evan Kleiman talks about fish with two guests, starting with a broad discussion with Taras Grescoe, author of "Bottomfeeder" (reviewed by me a few weeks ago). Next, Kleiman focuses on sardines and anchovies — two of the most sustainable yet most underappreciated, seafood choices — with Michael Cimarusti of Providence restaurant in Hollywood. Other segments discussed backyard chickens in Los Angeles, a conversation with Parisian blogger and author Clotilde Dusoulier of Chocolate and Zucchini. The show can be streamed, downloaded, or obtained as a podcast. For more on anchovies and sardines: Brett Emerson at In Praise of Sardines has advice on shopping for jarred anchovies and the Atlantic Monthly has a video and article about sardines by Corby Kummer .

Headphone photo from Afroswede's flickr collection, subject to a Creative Commons License.

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