Donate to Iowa Farm Aid fund, including via Edible San Francisco

The vast disaster in Iowa has inspired an Iowa-based coalition of sustainable-ag folks to partner with Farm Aid to develop the Family Farm Disaster Fund specifically for small and independent farmers, including an Iowa-targeted sub-fund. Willie Nelson is coming to Iowa this weekend to kick off the program, and Farm Aid has also launched an online campaign.

Meanwhile, if you subscribe to Edible San Francisco magazine between now and July 1, editor/publisher Bruce Cole (my boss) will donate 100% of the price ($36 for 6 issues) to the Iowa Farm aid portion of the Family Farm Disaster Fund. It’s a good magazine, if I do say so myself: Bay Area-centric but with articles of national interest.

More blogging about the long-term impact of the floods:

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  1. cookie jill says:

    I renewed my subscription and have challenged other foodie bloggers to donate by subscribing.