Ain’t nobody here but us pigs…

At the rate food prices are increasing, maybe we don’t need to worry about people overeating, but a report by Youfa Wang, Lan Liang, Benjamin Caballero and Shiriki Kumanyika released today says 86 percent of Americans are going to be overweight or obese by 2030. Their study, “Will All Americans Become Overweight or Obese? Estimating the Progression and Cost of the U.S. Obesity Epidemic,” is being published in Obesity magazine and is reported at the Johns Hopkins website.

Guess what? Two groups at the bottom of the income scale — black women and Hispanic men — are at greatest risk. Guess what else? Those are also the people with the lowest rates of health insurance coverage. (Tons of statistics in big PDF.) Is this a great country or what? Poor people in other countries starve, but ours get to have heart attacks and diabetes. Let’s toast our American food policies with a supersize soda!

One Responseto “Ain’t nobody here but us pigs…”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Yes, but … obesity and its diseases are massively on the rise in poor countries too. And there’s the really weird phenomenon of double-burden households, where some members of a family are obese and malnourished while others are starving and malnourished. So while I take your point, the fact is that the diet poor people can afford has become so over-simplified that it almost does not matter where you are; if you are poor, and eat cheap calories, you will become obese.