Growing, growing… gone

Monsanto has just announced plans to unload its dairy hormone business, citing a desire to focus in on the GMO seed market. Apparently, growth hormone is not a growth industry.

As you might remember from previous posts, activists around the country have been waging campaigns against state legislatures that, under pressure from Monsanto, have sought to ban “No rBGH” labels on milk and dairy products. Could those campaigns, and growing consumer calls for milk produced without the use of growth hormones, have anything to do with today’s decision? No chance, says Monsanto spokeswoman Danielle Jany to the Associated Press. “This is really a great product… Business has been strong. Sales have been strong.” Guess we’ll have to take her word for it — the company hasn’t released rBGH sales figures since 1995.

In related news, if anyone is looking to pick up a flagging hormone business, now’s your chance.

3 Responsesto “Growing, growing… gone”

  1. Well, that’s sort of a win for our side. rGBH must be getting unprofitable. I believe their actions more than their press release. Now to sink their next flag ship…

  2. Ali B. says:

    I actually think we have Wal-Mart to thank for this one, folks.
    (who’s gonna’ buy it, I wonder? and why?)

  3. Yippee-ki-ay!  This is some of the best news I have heard in a long time.  I remember my pediatrician aunt told me many years ago that she thought girls were having their periods and younger and younger ages due to growth hormones in our meat and milk.  Maybe we will be able to rid our food of this cr*p within this generation and our bodies can go back to somewhat normal hormonal schedules….