Mini-Digest (Blogs): Shredding the NYT’s locavore coverage, the end of food — and the organic boom? Plus TCHO Chocolate TV

Our friends in the blogging world have been busy cooking up some great pieces. Back when we did the Digest lo so many months ago, these all would have merited a green star, or even two. So check’em out.

Sacred cows made of bullshit: Kerry Trueman tartly (and masterfully) fillets the numerous “let’s not save the planet columns” written by John Tierney, Stanley Fish, and Stephen J. Dubner in recent weeks, then disposes of Kim Severson’s recent “lazy locavores” piece for dessert. Now you know what to say to your dad when he quotes one of what Kerry calls these “rancid croutons” at you. (Eating Liberally and Huffington Post)

No more food for you: Tom Philpott reviews Paul Roberts’s “End of Food” and tells why it is not just another where-your-food-comes-from primer, but oughta be on the menu for policy makers and local-food activists alike. Hint: Because it’s all too easy to forget that ensuring a reliable food supply has been a monumental challenge throughout history. (Grist)

Unwiser chewsing?: Is the economic downturn slowing the country’s appetite for organic and sustainable local food? Yep, says “Organic, Inc.” author Sam Fromartz. “The more committed organic food shoppers will always be there, but much larger number of dabblers are scaling back, unable to see the real value above the cost.” (Chews Wise)

A little hedonicism never hurt anybody: Boing Boing TV has posted its third installment on TCHO Chocolate, a very cool venture started by former NASA software developer Timothy Childs and WIRED cofounder Louis Rosetto that’s responsibly sourced (organic and/or fair trade) and committed to the “direct, transparent connection between the farmers and the consumers, from the pod to the palate” as well as to “helping farmers by transferring knowledge of how to grow and ferment better beans so they can escape commodity production to become premium producers.” And by the way? The chocolate is fantastic. Boing Boing TV’s coverage: Part One is on chocolate origins, Part Two is on the machines TCHO uses to make it, and Part Three is a giggly, amusing “Taste Test Trip.”

2 Responsesto “Mini-Digest (Blogs): Shredding the NYT’s locavore coverage, the end of food — and the organic boom? Plus TCHO Chocolate TV”

  1. Ali B. says:

    Love any digest, even mini. Plus, I heart Kerry.

    Like, majorly.

  2. I’m not worried about saving the planet. She’ll be here long after us. We are but a temporary itch, a rash on her skin. The question is how temporary a blip we’ll be, not the planet, in the cosmic timeline.