“End Times” for Nebraska Beef?

The wave of ground-beef recalls entangling even Whole Foods has grown to tsunami proportions for Nebraska Beef Ltd.: the amount of beef recalled has reached 6.66 million pounds, as food injury lawyer Bill Marler recently pointed out. If nearly 100 people sick is not enough, the Mark of the Beast‘s appearance suggests that End Times for the company are near.

Learning over dinner that Nebraska Beef sued its church customers for not properly preparing meatballs, Ethicurean artist in residence Frederick, who previously brought us the Pollan Painting series, became indignant and was inspired to capture the company’s last days on canvas. (Technically, poster paint on construction paper.) Frederick’s interest in painting and in Old Testament stories of God’s wrath come together in the artwork above. The lightning in the top left corner beat out an early idea of the Missouri River at Omaha turning to blood.

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