Mini-digest: Frankenfoods, fisheries, and folly

Fast-growing feedlot salmon are just what the world needs: Not to worry — the agency that oversaw such drug debacles as Vioxx has issued rules on transgenic animals. Thanks, agribiz, for making sure nobody wants to import American food. Hell, we wouldn’t.  (FDA, New York Times)

Sharing the catch: After Elanor’s depressing fish post on Wednesday, Samuel Fromartz cheered us up with his discussion of a study that finds that fisheries recover when the people who fish in them share the catch. (ChewsWise)

rBGH rears its ugly udder: Just when we thought milk labeling rules on rBGH were dead in Kansas, the state’s Department of Agriculture checks in with a plan. (Food & Water Watch, Kansas Dept. of Ag)

Going to market: The USDA announces its grants to support and promote farmers markets, maybe in your state. (USDA)

What’s in season: Harvard’s Center for Health and the Global Environment has issued two guides for seasonal food, for New England and the Mid-Atlantic regions. (Harvard Med)

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