Mini-Digest: Food stamps, belly cramps, and more

And make it snappy: USDA puts a new face on food stamps which, if you didn’t know, are actually more like debit cards these days. Hence, it isn’t the Food Stamp Program anymore; it’s the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, aka SNAP. (USDA)

Slaughterhouse ills? Scientists find that chickens and cattle, not wild animals, are the biggest source of No.1 gut-ache bacterium Campylobacter jejuni, at least in one location. (PLoS Genetics, EurekaAlert)

Sustainable methods measure up: OK, the studies are mostly about growing cotton (which is famously ruinous of soil), not food, but after farming the same plots for 110 years, scientists find sustainable methods work just fine, thanks to nitrogen-fixing cover crops. (Agronomy Journal, Am. Society of Agronomy)

Notify the government! Scientists at Oregon State University report developing a quick way to identify illness-causing food bacteria. (Oregon State, Microbial Biotechnology)

More antibiotics, please: The Sustainable Agriculture Coalition reports that animal antibiotics pushers got to parade their statements before a House Ag subcommittee last week. Nobody was invited to talk about the dangers of excess antibiotics, though. (SAC newsletter, Ag Committee speakers listing)

Food preservation: We aren’t talking canning; we’re talking…petrification, perhaps? See a 12-year-old hamburger, still looking edible. Well, as edible as it ever did originally. (BoingBoing)

4 Responsesto “Mini-Digest: Food stamps, belly cramps, and more”

  1. Expat Chef says:

    I’ve been posting a bit on the FDA and the rules on genetically-engineered animals for human consumption. Between that, and a post on just about all the reasons I don’t want to eat commercial meats, I think I have pretty well alienated all the folks who come to my site for recipes. Thanks, Ethicurean, for continuing to post about this and caring. It’s important, if not valued by the general population. And I appreciate it.

  2. Ghada says:

    I am guilty of loving my animal proteins, but I do believe that moderation is key. Too many people are eating way more protein than the body needs. Excess protein may lead to harmful effects.

    I try to get most of my protein from the perfect EGG. Other protein favorites are hemp protein, hemp seeds and all forms of legumes.

  3. Janet says:

    I’m still reading you, Expat Chef! And you’re right, Ghada; legumes rock.

  4. Expat Chef says:

    Thanks, Janet! My best to you!