Videos posted for Slow Food Nation’s Food for Thought series

Good news for all you folks who couldn’t make it to Slow Food Nation on Labor Day weekend, or who, like me, did attend but didn’t manage to get tickets to all the events you wanted: Slow Food has posted full, high-quality videos of all the Food for Thought lectures on its website. They are hosted via, a site  that I haven’t heard of before; it has a cool Open Tools interface that allows you to see a Table of Contents for each video’s lengthy talk and jump to a particular topic. That means you can watch sustainable-ag hero Wendell Berry (below) — who as Eric Schlosser jokingly blamed “started this whole thing” — define how he views pleasure when it comes to food (chapter 2), or re-read his densely packed plea for local adaptation, essentially a “call to farms”  (ch. 4).

View Slow Food Nation Closing (1 of 2) on
View Slow Food Nation Closing session on

The opening session, titled “The World Food Crisis” and moderated by Michael Pollan, was also very good. If you have never seen Indian agriculture activist Vandana Shiva speak before, I urge you to watch it (if you’re short of time, skip to video chapters 4, “The Media’s Role in the Food Crisis,” and 5, “The Pseudo Crisis”). She’s awesomely fierce. Or fiercely awesome. Both, actually.

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