Wear the Sun-Food Agenda on your chest

Ethicurean reader Erica Nofi was so moved by Michael Pollan’s “Farmer in Chief” policy manifesto in last week’s New York Times Magazine food politics issue that she created a T-shirt that visually encapsulates his central message: Let’s go back to growing food with sunlight, not oil.

After reading Pollan’ piece, “I felt so hopeful and inspired about the future of our food system that I really wanted to do something to help, or at least spread the word,” wrote Nofi, who blogs at Brave Potato, in an email to us. She’s not aiming to profit by piggybacking off Pollan’s prescription: she will donate all proceeds to The Food Project, a really cool, national nonprofit that gets young people involved in sustainable agriculture.

You can buy the “Feed America on Sunshine” shirt from Zazzle.

One Responseto “Wear the Sun-Food Agenda on your chest”

  1. pattie says:

    My daughter just bought a t-shirt in Florida that is black and white until she goes out in the sun and then it turns color.  Wouldn’t something like that be cool with a Sun Food message (perhaps with tomatoes on it?)