Digest – Opinion & Blogs: How to give thanks, Merrigan for USDA

Food security begins at home: James Surowiecki on why, despite the overall global "marketization" of agriculture, lots of people simply still can't get enough to eat, and the world food supply seems more vulnerable than ever. (The New Yorker)

Pollan debated: Kansas farm leaders address Michael Pollan's recent NYT piece. (Salina Journal)

Insecure in the land of plenty: In 2007, before prices really soared and hundreds of thousands lost their jobs, some 11% of American families experienced "food insecurity." (US Food Policy)

Thanksgiving, but no thanks: The American Farm Bureau releases its estimates for the cost of a traditional Thanksgiving feast this year. Laura of Not-so-urban Hennery calls them out: "They are obviously... willing to see people eat crap to make that number work."

Over the river and through the... nah, we'll just stay home: The Eat Well Guide and the Consumers Union suggest making your Thanksgiving local and organic this year, and they offer recipes from celebrity chefs to get you started. (Eat Well Guide & Consumers Union via Culinate)

Just say non to Beaujo Nouveau: Dr. Vino talks about the carbon footprint of France's much anticipated Beaujolais Nouveau, which is just a little smaller this year. (Dr. Vino)

USDA-listers: Sam Fromartz tells why the sustainable food community needs to give up on petitioning Pollan for Ag Sec and start thinking about Tufts University professor Kathleen Merrigan as… Undersecretary of Marketing and Regulatory Programs? (ChewsWise)

Sustainable excess?: The G-20 gang didn't go home hungry. (Epicurious)

Food is life: Kate Hopkins shares some thoughts on food philosophy. (Accidental Hedonist)

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