Happy Thanksgiving from the Ethicureans

I hope all of you are getting ready to enjoy a locally inspired feast, or one with at least a couple Ethicureanish dishes on the menu. I’m a bit sad I won’t be cooking at home this year.

I’m unfortunately stalled in the airport en route to Scottsdale, AZ, where if the rain lets up I shall be hanging out with my husband and my in-laws, including the illustrious Omniwhore of Ethicurean.com past, now known as Momniho. I have a ham in my checked luggage, from Clark Summit Farm, for which I volunteer as manager of a small meat CSA. Last week we distributed about 10 turkeys, 10 geese, and 2 suckling pigs along with assorted chickens, beef, and pork. (There is a waiting list of 200 people for the CSA, believe it or not, despite my deliberately discouraging FAQs.)

Here are two bad iPhone photos of the turkeys that some Bay Area families will be preparing to carve today. The top one is Clark Summit farmer Liz Cunninghame, who admits she got a little attached to the turkeys and geese as they followed her around the farm. One of the turkeys almost came home in the van with me on delivery day. Now that’s free range.

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