Digest – Blogs: Chemical may cause obesity, brain worms attack!

Scary chemical: Tributyltin, a ubiquitous pollutant that affects gene activity, could be promoting obesity, according to the December issue of BioScience. Among its many applications, the chemical is used in paints for boats, as a wood and textile preservative, and (hello!?!) as a pesticide on high-value food crops. (Science Blog)

Just....eww: Rosa Alvarez went into surgery for a brain tumor. While operating, doctors discovered it was no tumor; instead, Alvarez's brain was playing host to cysticercosis, a parasitic worm she apparently got by ingesting the feces of a person infected with the pork tapeworm parasite. Unfortunately, this is more common than you'd think; upwards of 20% of neurology practices in California have seen it. (Marlerblog)

Trays horrible: A substitute teacher in Tucson, AZ writes in about observing dramatic changes in the behavior of students before and after they eat their crappy, HFCS-laden lunches. (Chef Ann)

Food desert next to food depot. Parke Wilde takes a stroll through Skid Row in Los Angeles on his way to a major fruit-and-vegetable depot. (US Food Policy)

Sour on rBGH milk: The Kansas Department of Agriculture holds a hearing on whether to approve a rule banning rBGH labeling. Why was this rule proposed after the legislature declined to legislate it? Hmph. (Reuters) Fortunately, the nays outnumbered the yeas. (La Vida Locavore)

We (heart) Jason's: A chain that's already banned transfats from its menu and includes organic items, Jason’s Deli now plans to eliminate high-fructose corn syrup as well. (What to Eat) There’s also a video on the chain’s website on the topic.

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