Digest: The chicken edition

Chickengating: Johns Hopkins researchers find that drivers following chicken trucks have unsafe levels of bacteria — including antibiotic-resistant strains — in and on their cars. The National Chicken Council accuses the researchers of tailgating, which it claims is "much more dangerous than being around live chickens." (Baltimore Sun)

All meat, no stuffing: This American Life's 2008 Poultry Slam includes stories about workers in a poultry processing plant, the disappearance of Spalding Gray, and other chicken-related topics. (This American Life)

starBubbly over Bay Area eggs: FoE Rachel stumbles across a terrific July post telling what pastured eggs have in common with Veuve Clicquot Champagne and providing a handy chart (right) comparing the husbandry practices of all Bay Area egg producers. (Food Crusader)

That ain't chickenfeed: The largest U.S. poultry producer, Pilgrim's Pride, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection while it "reorganizes." (Brownfield Network) Tom Philpott analyzes the Pilgrim mess over at Grist.)

Gold'n Plump debuts chickens with farm-of-origin label (Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal)

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