Digest – Blogs: Fast food (no)ledge, eater of the year, and a holiday book roundup

Can we still eat that burger with our heads in the sand?: Several states have passed industry-driven legislation tying the hands of local authorities to require fast food outlets to post nutrition information on restaurant menu boards. (NowPublic; thanks, Jack!)

Raw milk? FDA insists “Drink Local”: The FDA filed a civil suit against California’s Organic Pastures Dairy Company for shipping milk across state lines as “pet food” and for selling a colostrum product. OPDC cried “uncle” this week and will focus on its 40,000+ consumers in California. (The Complete Patient) (Background from Capital Press)

A very foodie holiday: Sam Fromartz shares his food-related holiday book recommendations (Chews Wise); Kat suggests the gift of a calendar whose veggie pics are even more attractive than its hot farmers. (Eating Liberally)

Eat it and weep: Vote for Michael Pollan, Hezbollah Tofu, Cindy McCain, or others for “Eater of the Year.” (Endless Simmer)

One Responseto “Digest – Blogs: Fast food (no)ledge, eater of the year, and a holiday book roundup”

  1. Ona Balkus says:

    While a few states have passed laws against menu labeling policy, the general trend is still in our favor.  Philadelphia and Westchester County, NY passed menu labeling policies just last month, and more than 30 local and state governments have introduced policies.  The federal MEAL Act will be considered by Congress next year, and if passed would reverse those local preventative measures.

    The most worrisome part of this story is that the restaurant industry has introduced their own federal bill, the LEAN Act, which would allow restaurants to provide information in any form that’s convenient for them, even though studies show that almost no one sees the info if it’s not ON the menu.  LEAN would also overturn existing menu labeling policies and prevent states from having stronger restaurant labeling policies.

    We need to advocate strongly for the MEAL Act if we want to obtain meaningful menu labeling policy in this country.