Digest – Blogs: Fat tax, healthy kids, and everyone has something to say about Vilsack

Glass half full (hopefully of rBGH-free, organic, grassfed, family-farmed milk): Obama ran a rural campaign based on an agenda that included many policies that we can support — like regulating CAFOs — and the job of the cabinet is to implement to president’s agenda.  Our job is to stay on their asses until they do. (Blog for Rural America)

Vilsack’s silver lining: Everyone in the sustainable food community pretty much agrees we could have done way better, but on the upside, at least all the hubbub has shone a spotlight on the post of Secretary of USDA. (Gristmill) (More Grist on Vilsack here)

Smart food for schools: The Institute of Medicine issued a preliminary study on school meal patterns to see if kids’ eating actually matches up with the dietary guidelines. They’re welcoming feedback on their approach to the issue; should you have any to offer, you can do so through a link on Parke Wilde’s blog. (U.S. Food Policy)

Soft drink tax fizzling?: Marion Nestle takes a look at New York’s proposed “fat tax” on soft drinks and finds it not as effective a policy tool as one might expect. (What to Eat)

Gifts for the true foodie: Jonathan Bloom suggests gift items to reduce food waste. (Wasted Food)

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