Digest – features and opinion: Bisphenol A back-room dealings, CAFOs on land and sea

The FDA’s ass is GRAS: Great investigative piece about the controversy over bisphenol A, the chemical used to line baby bottles and canned food, among hundreds of other uses. Is it a scientific dispute? Not really, it’s mainly “a battle to protect a multibillion-dollar market from regulation. In the United States, industrial chemicals are presumed safe until proven otherwise.” (Fast Company; thanks for the tip, Gretchen of SuburbanFarm!)

Heal thyselves, Tarheels: A report from a national CAFO summit in New Bern, NC, organized by the Waterkeeper Alliance, (one of the main sources cited in Rolling Stone’s awesome indictment of Smithfield aka “Death Star of Pork” Foods), which included an aerial tour of porcine prison camps such as that pictured at right. (Center for a Livable Future)

CAFOs of the sea: As the managers of fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico finalize a plan to allow open-ocean aquaculture in the Gulf, one analyst argues against the plan and demands that fish farm be regulated as an industry — with the potential to pollute like an industrial operation — not just a new twist on the rod and reel. (Fort Meyers News-Press)

Two meatheads are better than one: Tamar Adler of the Bay Area Meat CSA has set up a cool new online community for people who want to buy shares in whole animals, complete with butchery specifications, cut descriptions, worksheets on which to divvy up meat, and local meat resources. (Civil Eats)

Doing the label tango: Hog farmer and frequent Ethicurean commenter Walter Jeffries weighs in on the USDA’s new “naturally raised” label, seeing one step forward (clarification on animal by-products) and one step back (nothing about humanely raised). (NoNAIS.org)

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  1. Great idea on the whole animal share system. Here are two articles with pictures that will help people envision what half a pig is:
    We sell pig shares from our farm and I created these to help people understand what they were getting. 
    Sugar Mtn Farm
    in Vermont a looog cold ways from California