Digest – Blogs: MLK on community gardens, Nestle on Salmonella, and the BPA 10-step plan

King of the garden: Martin Luther King may never have seen a community garden, but he no doubt would have approved of them. Tom Philpott reflects on how the community garden movement, and its symbolism as an explicit rejection of the industrial food system, is one realization of King’s dream. (Grist)

Pontificating on peanuts: Marion Nestle confirms that no, it’s not too much to ask that our food not come in contact with feces before we eat it. (Eating Liberally)

Seen a lot, lived a little: The Center for Rural Affairs’ Brian DePew draws our attention to a documentary short on what it’s like to be a poor kid in rural America. Almost more shocking than its findings is the fact that it was produced by Nickelodeon. (Blog for Rural America)

Pass on plastics: If you’re trying to reduce your exposure to Bisphenol A, that nasty toxin that’s in way more consumption-related products than we’re comfortable with, here are ten ways to start. (St. Petersburg Times)

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