Snapshot of the American diet

I find this juxtaposition of establishments at the Bayfair Mall in San Leandro, California, a good illustration of the “nutritionism” philosophy that is the foundation of many Americans’ culinary consciousness. Grab some chicken wings for an appetizer and a cheese-steak sandwich for the main course, but as long as you finish off with a few of the supplements that were hyped on last night’s evening newscast — Antioxidants! Probiotics! Extra-potent multimineral concentrates! — everything will be OK.

One Responseto “Snapshot of the American diet”

  1. andrew says:

    i find the above snapshot a good metaphor for america’s treatment of its land as well. sure, destroy all the farmland to make food, but set aside some areas that no one is allowed to touch, and everything will be fine. when will people learn that you can produce food and conserve resources on the same land? when will people learn that you can eat food that tastes good and keeps you healthy too?