Digest – News: Pharm goats OK’d, farm profits dwindle, and peanuts throw dirt on the FDA

Brave new world: FDA approves the first pharm-animal drug, a blood thinner made from the milk of bioengineered goats. Critics nail FDA for its shoddy approval process and worry about what could happen if the animals escape from the lab and mate with unsuspecting non-GM cohorts. (NYT)

Slow like honey, sticky like peanut butter: When it came to dealing with Salmonella signs in the peanut industry, the FDA put its feet up and took its time. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Taking farm diversity to a whole new level: The newest Census of Agriculture shows that increasingly, farmers interested making a living have to find it somewhere other than in their own fields. Andrew Martin asks: Can Secretary Vilsack help farmers find innovative ways to make farm life work for them and their pocketbooks? (NYT)

Fixing the FDA: Former FDA official William Hubbard gives his views on what’s wrong and what to do about it. (NPR; podcast also available)

Peanut paranoia: Consumers shy away from all peanut products, despite pleas from major peanut butter brands that their products won’t make kids sick. Oh, but the school lunches might: As if Downergate wasn’t enough, school lunch programs in California, Idaho and Minnesota received salmonella-tainted peanut products. (NYT)

With fuel prices low, ethanol production dwindles. (Brownfield)

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  1. HealingGreen says:

    Hey, you may also be interested in the news for CT Raw Milk Farmers… This morning they are having a hearing that may require raw dairy to be sold only on farms (right now its in some stores in CT.) The push for this is coming from the Dept of Ag… Keep your fingers crossed for us!