Technical difficulties

Update 2:15 pm PST: due to site maintenance and um, a mad scramble to troubleshoot the WP system, comments and other features will be unavailable for a few hours.

Due to my foot-dragging, our blog host decided to upgrade up us to WordPress 2.7.1 without saving any of our jury-rigged templates. Please excuse the visual disarray; should be fixed by tonight.

I hope.

3 Responsesto “Technical difficulties”

  1. I watch with baited breath... I've been putting off the upgrade too. Redoing templates. Ugh. Have fun!

  2. Hmm... Progress but the comments above, as well as the Post a Comment form fields, are right aligned. Keep working on it. I will be interested to hear out the transition went for you...

  3. Egads, I'm having brain freeze or something. I meant for that reply to go on the  sustainable pork smackdown article 1. :{ Feel free to delete it from here, and this too. Sorry for making work for you Bonnie.