A valentine for my farm


It’s that time of year…we are inclined to dig up our innermost feelings for our loved ones and shower those lucky souls with evidence of that love. Cards, candies, and caring words in celebration of relationships.

I am doting on the relationship that keeps me alive and well. Often neglected and in a broken relationship with society, our food system needs some wooing.

Like any healthy relationship, food that is grown with love, respect, and honor is the kind of sustenance you want to fuel your body and tantalize your taste buds with for the long term.

Here’s my homemade card to my farm (just picture it written on red construction paper with white cut-out hearts).

Happy Valentine’s Day, Soil
It is truly for you that we toil
Your fertile richness will endure
Thanks to blankets of composted manure

Happy Valentine’s Day, Seeds
Oh, the potential of your good deeds
Heirloom varieties I will stay true
Defy Monsanto and GMO hullabaloo

Happy Valentine’s Day, Hens
I’m honored to call you my feathered friends
Comforting like the sunshine after rain,
Your clucking is a refreshing morning refrain

Happy Valentine’s Day, Ms. Petunia
Someday you will be tasty bacon
And for that, my loyalty to you is unshaken.

Feel free to add your own verses. Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day.

7 Responsesto “A valentine for my farm”

  1. Aimee says:

    What an adorable pig. Why does she have those cute fringed ears? I feel for you; my pig has a date with the freezer on tuesday.

  2. “Why does she have those cute fringed ears?”

    Those are ear notches. I think they have to do the ID for the pig that the farm keeps track of. I read some information on it recently but didn’t retain a lot of what I read. Maybe Deb knows?

    Cool poems.

  3. Not something I necessarily condone, the ear notches are to identify the pig.  Petunia’s previous owner did the notching. There is a long story in how Petunia came to be a member of our farm; in the abbreviated version she ran away and found sanctuary in our pasture.

  4. Come on, Debra, don’t cover up. Admit it. Petunia is into body-mod. She’s a pretty advanced pig, fashion speaking. I wonder if she has considered piercings? The USDA is offering the latest in studs and tags. :) 

  5. Ya, but USDA’s stuff ain’t got bling…..

  6. Okay, I’m dying here.  Who’s the clever entrepreneur who will come up with earrings (bling) for livestock, vs. ear notches and plastic taggers? Hmmmmm. Actually, maybe that’s a real idea ;-).