Digest – Blogs, etc.: Frogs in the coal mine, what the government’s not telling us

Don’t ask, don’t tell: Tom Philpott wonders why, after two studies released last month showed detectable levels of mercury in products containing high fructose corn syrup, the FDA by its own admission has no plans to look into the issue. How nice that the agency would rather trust the claims of an industry hack scientist straight out of “Thank You for Smoking” than the member of its own research staff who blew the whistle. (Grist)

It’s not easy being green: UC Berkeley biologist Tyrone Hayes talks about his research linking pesticides to reproductive abnormalities in frogs and what that could mean for human health. (Earthsky podcast)

Funny math: The growth in small farms documented in the USDA’s just-released 2007 Agricultural Census was celebrated in the good-food community, but did it actually happen? Tom Laskawy wonders if the USDA is pulling one over on us with some creative statistical maneuvers. (Gristmill)

As if you needed another: Heather Havey offers six reasons to always eat organic and provides references to boot. (Natural News)

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