Digest – Features and blogs: The great OJ caper, the anti-produce lobby, and urban-rural love

Take a bite outta that: Orange juice is marketed as a healthy, natural food, but it’s actually the end product of a process that involves long-term storage, chemistry, and “flavor packs.” As is generally the case, you’re much better off just eating an orange. Q&A with author Alissa Hamilton, whose book, “Squeezed: What you don’t know about orange juice,” is out in May. (Boston Globe)

Codependency, in a good way: Any urban resident who’s visited a farmers market – or, for that matter, thought about where their food comes from – won’t be shocked by the idea that urban and rural communities depend on each other. But federal policymakers tend to focus on “urban issues” and leave rural policy to the USDA. It’s time to embrace our shared fate by reimagining urban and rural communities as interdependent regions with common education, healthcare, environmental and nutritional concerns. (The Daily Yonder)

Eating is a political act: Alice Waters’ and Katrina Heron’s NYT op-ed prompted a letter to the editor by a conservative Stanford pundit who blasted the pair for their “wishful thinking,” like the assertion that food produced without pesticides or chemical fertilizers is “good for the environment” and that schools could actually cook food without sickening their kids. Kat wonders why produce takes such a whipping from the right side of the aisle. (Eating Liberally)

Enfants en bonne santé, s’il vous plaît: And while we’re on the subject of school lunch, Tom Philpott takes on K St.’s new school lunch bloggers and challenges them to think bigger about healthy-food policy. They do it in France – why not here? (Gristmill)

Growing in volume: Roger Doiron, the man behind the inexorable movement to get a victory garden planted on the White House lawn, wrties an op-ed on why President Barack Obama would be wise to add a gardener or farmer to his team of advisers. (Chicago Tribune)

Onward, cooking soldiers: Culinary Corps, a “culinthropic” organization dedicated to helping rebuild New Orleans through cooking and serving food, is looking for recruits for a mid-April work project. Applications are due by March 7th. Marc wrote about the Corps back in August. (Culinary Corps)

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  1. Veg_Mom says:

    In regards to the NYT article on school lunches…We have to do what we can to offer healthier options in schools. When Congress renews the Child Nutrition Act this year it must encourage schools to serve healthier meals.  Low-fat, low-cholesterol vegetarian foods need to be more affordable, and schools that serve nutritious foods (fruits, vegetables, vegetarian options) should receive additional funding. Sign the online petition to get more veg options in schools at http://www.HealthySchoolLunches.org