Digest – Features and blogs: Why go local?

Agriculture next to fall? In his latest blog screed, famed dystopian James Howard Kunstler predicts that agriculture will be the next to fall in the world economic crisis, noting that “if the US government is going to try to make remedial policy for anything, it better start with agriculture, to promote local, smaller-scaled farming using methods that are much less dependent on oil byproducts and capital injections.” (Clusterfuck Nation)

Giving up the goats: Paul Roberts pontificates on the tendency of the sustainable food movement “to replace complexity with checklists” and asks us to forego perfection for practicality and flexibility. If we want good food to be available at a reasonable price for a reasonably large portion of the world’s population, we’ll need to start envisioning a new definition of “sustainable” – one that may even include trans-continental food trade. (Mother Jones)

Call off the missle defense shield: The average American’s food travels thousands of miles from field to plate (and, judging from the FDA peanut butter graphic included in this post, through several miles of pipe), but not so in the White House, where relationships with local producers are considered sacred.  Sure, the Obamas are into the nutrition and the community aspects of eating local, but the real selling point is safety – local food is an instrument of national security. (Obama Foodorama)

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