Digest – snacks: MoDo meets Alice, Paula Deen disses tofu, and Rush Limbaugh loves … animals?

So would she be, like, Princess Leia?: NYT columnist Maureen Dowd jumps from musing on the Dick Cheney–Star Wars connection with George Lucas to Alice Waters, another California celebrity who “inspires cult-like devotion.” Waters responds — kind of — to Friday's article in the National Review, which calls organic food a luxury item and Waters “increasingly withdrawn from mainstream America.” Extra bonus: she coins the word “arugulance” in the process. We have to admit, we kinda like it. (NYT)

ih8tetofu: Celebrity chef Paula Deen, Smithfield shill and apologist, answers questions about tofu — not surprisingly, she can't stand the stuff — as a guest on NPR's “Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.” Before the game, Paula discusses what's in her kitchen and describes her recipe for “Ladies' Brunch Burger”: a bacon-topped hamburger between two Krispy Kreme donuts, with a fried egg on top. (NPR)

And the weird alliance of the week award goes to…: The Humane Society of the United States and Rush Limbaugh, who recorded two audio spots for the group, one on dogfighting and one on the religious obligation to take care of “all God's creatures.” (HSUS) Big Meat is “horrified,” (Oklahoma Farm Report) though some contend that his message isn't bad, only the fact that he aligned himself with “the evil empire that is HSUS.” (Cattle Network)

Which came first, the chicken or the ego? Impressed by Ashton Kutcher's getting a million people to follow him on Twitter in exchange for 10,000 malaria-fighting bed nets, food-safety lawyer Bill Marler says he will donate $25,000 to charity if Twitterers help him get 25,000 new Twitter followers by the end of the month. Um, which charity? The new fans will decide. (Marler Blog)

Shiva Sitting Bull: In part one of a three-part video interview, Indian physicist, activist, and all-around superheroine Vandana Shiva explains the science behind biotechnology and the dangers it poses to the world’s food supplies. (Cooking Up a Story)

Let's get digital: Classic Onion satire titled "Mr. Pretty-Boy Farmer Still Has All His Fingers" includes such immortal lines as "Parkersburg's very own Brad Pitt also takes his precious time and lets his combine head come to a complete stop whenever he needs to pull a rock out of it." Tee hee.(Onion)

A delicious homecoming: Freaked out by a number of massive food-contamination scares and recalls, eaters across the country are finding yet another reason to head to the local farmers market: accountability. “You can tell that it's exceptionally fresh, and I can tell my customers exactly where it came from, when it was planted … how it got here,” says one farmer. And no complex traceability systems needed. (CNN)

Have your steak and eat it, too: The industry takes issue with a campaign to get Obama to declare “Meatless Mondays.” His predecessors Wilson, Truman, and FDR asked eaters to cut back as part of their patriotic duty during wartime; today's activists emphasize the meat industry's contribution to climate change, resource depletion, and obesity. But the industry says they've got it all wrong — meat production is so efficient that there's no need to cut back. (Meatpoultry.com)

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  1. renee binkowski says:

    I'm curious did Rush Limbaugh do the spots because of Crissy Hines? I thought I had heard somewhere that she allowed him to use a song of hers if he would support animal causes, but I'm not sure if that was strictly for PETA?