Agrofuels are not the answer for CA’s low-carbon energy needs

This guest post has been unpublished at the request of the contributor due to timing issues.

2 Responsesto “Agrofuels are not the answer for CA’s low-carbon energy needs”

  1. It’s things like this that scare me the most.  People are so quick to jump on a band wagon, that they don’t weigh all of the risks of new ideas, such as all of the excellent points brought up in this article.  I have read about these issues before, and yet we are still so gung ho on biofuels.  I really don’t think that they are the way of the future, unless we want to jump out of the frying pan and into the frier.  It seems that solar and wind (and other clean energy technologies), are the only way to go.  What is wrong with having an electric car that is powered by a solar panel?  I know it will take much longer (and more money) to implement, but if we just jump on every cheap and fast bandwagon that comes along, in the end we will be farther behind and deeper in debt.

  2. Damn — Now I’m really curious what the timing issues were –