Housekeeping notice: Coming changes to the Ethicurean

The Ethicurean is approaching its third birthday, and we are attempting to implement some long overdue changes. A major redesign is in the works that we hope will make the blog more useful and more importantly, allow it to start being self-sustaining, that is, generate some revenue. Some of this may come from advertising and sponsorships, which we have eschewed so far out of some high-minded principles that may prove more flexible than we thought under the current economic conditions. In the next few weeks we will be creating a reader survey I hope you all will consider taking, which will cover things like what sorts of ads we should accept or ban.

In the meantime, we are also going to be changing how we publish Digest news stories. Starting today, we will post each item as its own post rather than doing a twice-weekly massive link dump. In the new design, these links will be split out from the “features” into their own section. Until we can implement that design, however, the Ethicurean is going to look a little messy. Please pardon the disarray while we figure out how to make the blog more useful to you and less burdensome to its team of volunteers.

And if anyone out there is really skilled at customizing off-the-shelf WordPress templates (not just the CSS, but the layout and writing custom PHP queries) and would like to help, please contact me at I am attempting to do this myself but may be out of my depth.

3 Responsesto “Housekeeping notice: Coming changes to the Ethicurean”

  1. I think you should accept just one ad per year and it should be from Monsanto. $930,000 exclusive per year. The irony of them funding you would be priceless and since you would require them to pay for ten years in advance you would have complete editorial freedom. :)

  2. I recommend the Options theme by Justin Tadlock. It has a lot of potential for supporting different kinds of features. That’s what I use for If I knew what kinds of php stuff you were thinking of trying to do, I might be able to offer more advice. I have no formal training in web code, but I have learned quite a bit about how wordpress works by reading and fiddling.  I also did my graduate program’s website:

    Feel free to drop me an email if you have any wordpress questions.

  3. Bonnie P. says:

    Walter, you’re a genius. I’ll consider it. :-)
    Karl, thanks so much for the offer. I’ve been reading and fiddling myself for a few years — here is the theme that this version of the Ethicurean is based on, template-wise, if you can believe it
    I am just not very good at figuring out how to adapt layout positioning using CSS, nor at things like PHP calls that include certain child categories but exclude certain parent categories, etc. I’ve gotten two emails from code-adept readers though, so I might be OK.