Swine flu and Mexican CAFO connection

Hogs, bogs, and floggings: Tom Philpott takes a careful, comprehensive look at the possibility the swine-flu outbreak originated from the area around Granjas Carroll’s hog confinements  (Smithfield has a stake in them), whether transmitted by workers, flies, or asymptomatic pigs. And if it didn’t, we should still be afraid. Very afraid. Tom excerpts a new paper (PDF) in Public Health Reports that details the potential for various catastrophes brewing on industrial animal farms. (Grist)

2 Responsesto “Swine flu and Mexican CAFO connection”

  1. While I intensely dislike CAFOs of any sort, I was very disappointed with the Grist article. Too much speculation and too little science. :( It read sensationalistically.

  2. Joe says:

    Too little science? Is no one allowed to speak about this until a double-blind trial can be done on CAFOs and disease transmission?