ObFo looks back on Obama agriculture policy so far

100 days in 2,100 words: A thorough and amusing look at the Obama Administration’s food&ag-related staff hires, food safety scandals, and the occasional stumble. (Hint: They have to do with the second item.) Eddie plugs for the creation of a big corps of volunteer food safety inspectors that could be trained under the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, and she also offers a surprising take on ethanol, aka “Satan’s piss.” (Obama Foodorama)


Also covering Obama’s first 100 days, Michael Pollan praises the administration for the White House  garden, but faults Obama for the misstep of trying to redirect crop subsidy dough to childhood nutrition programs. Framed as a contest between “rich farmers” and “hungry children,” farmers won. (Salon.com)

The Ethicurean’s editor interviewed Energy Secretary Steven Chu back in 2005, and talked to him then about manure power, termite guts, and corn ethanol. (UC Berkeley NewsCenter)

One Responseto “ObFo looks back on Obama agriculture policy so far”

  1. Ed Bruske says:

    Yes, did note that the Obamists are now spreading stealth policy on ethanol rather than real policy. Bloggers, beware of White House types trading access for self-serving prattle.