It’s the environment, stupid

Red-tape red herrings: U.S. Rep. Jerry Moran, Kansas Republican and U.S. Senate hopeful in two years, warns against his greatest concern in agriculture, "increasing environmental and other rules and regulations." Our greatest concern is that anyone with his attitude is viewed as a "leading member" of the House Agriculture Committee. (Brownfield)

One Responseto “It’s the environment, stupid”

  1. Eric Reuter says:

    You know, if you take that quote at face value, that's how I feel too as a small organic farmer. Some of our biggest barriers and fears revolve around well-meaning regulation written by urban people who know jack about farming, much less organic farming. That's why we're so afraid of these House food safety bills. The last thing I need is my draconian local Health Department getting an excuse to invoke strict new rules on market farms for fear of bugs on lettuce.

    I doubt I agree with Rep Moran on the details of his concerns, but the general belief that regulation is the first and primary answer to everything is a significant concern to more independant-minded farmers like myself.